Index of Writhings

firebathGia Lisa KrahneA voice once told me of my beloved. It told me my final path was …hope, kama, love, myth2012/12/072012-12-07 23:15:48
Left to the WorldStill the two neither coalesce nor meet. Their axioms both too close and too surprised …love, musing, myth, social2011/12/062011-12-06 07:27:53
the echoes of cosmic unionGia by Tom Clark PhotographyIt is true; I have heard the love songs of formless longing for form, of …favorites, love, myth2011/09/182011-09-18 20:28:34
the source ( “i’d rather..” )                Sitting by the Hudson at dusk, on …light, love, nature2011/06/292011-06-29 22:05:14
homeIf you were a stray dog, I’d be your home. But you have a home. …hope, light, love2011/06/272011-06-27 19:00:12
Brooklyn Yardan old-fashioned movie couple walking in a shadowy city scape at a train stationMother soft joy balls at a midday wake: Pleasing pleasing prisms does not do to …avant garde, hope, language, love2011/02/062011-02-06 07:17:45
a thousand ideas of bondageBondageThe chains look quite different now– Having morphed from a thousand ideas of bondage to …kama, musing, nature, social2009/04/062009-04-06 19:10:36
crusts of the poetBlack and white photo of a small statute circus performer in make-up and posing with a mask in hand.Smoke. Trails painted red. Trolls collecting the wrong fees for dollhouses never built for the …absurdist, language, musing, social2009/02/042009-02-04 17:44:51
loosening the noose of desireloosening the noose of desireMy trembling words pass so lightly over your eardrums to anoint imprisoned passions and dally …love, seduction2008/03/022008-03-02 20:43:22
The Sandstorms of TomorrowViking premises can no longer handle the newfound promises which roll along the water’s edges …hope, love, myth2007/01/062007-01-06 07:48:24
The SummonsI am a museum. There flows under me a raving light down the ravine, brave …dreams, kama, seduction, sensuality2006/11/212006-11-21 18:58:00
FortuneFortune sits on my feet. The weight of Her massive buttocks presses Destiny, my toes, …bemused, myth2006/02/152006-02-15 05:24:00
miserymisery, a poemMisery roams deserted alleys. Is gorgeous in every city, blanketed. A seductive gravity ravishes, standing …love, myth, seduction, sensuality2006/01/032006-01-03 20:35:42
CIRCADIAN CLOCK NO.1 –– unnerving (the master)from The Master Circadian Clock Cycles 1-8 Sex pathological, pathologically lacking impetus, beholder, you, Love. …kama, Master Circadian Clock Cycles, museless, myth2005/12/272005-12-27 22:18:49
CIRCADIAN CLOCK NO.2 –– foster girl (the medium)by Fabian Perez  from The Master Circadian Clock Cycle 1-8 Chasing on coattails of sex, the animalistic …kama, Master Circadian Clock Cycles, myth, travel2005/12/222005-12-22 20:59:51
CIRCADIAN CLOCK NO.3 –– peregrina (the rover)painting of naked woman with arched back in some kind of stretching surrender                            from …bemused, darkness, favorites, kama, Master Circadian Clock Cycles, museless, sensuality2005/12/102005-12-10 19:00:00
CIRCADIAN CLOCK NO.4 –– in waiting (patience)  from The Master Circadian Clock Cycle 1-8 Patience is a woman who walks far …love, Master Circadian Clock Cycles, myth2005/11/302005-11-30 17:34:25
CIRCADIAN CLOCK NO.5 ––– “all the rage” (a proposition)snowy Brooklyn hood outside window panes ajarfrom The Master Circadian Clock Cycle 1-8 Jocular, somber, transcendent– like a cat wandering along …dreams, love, Master Circadian Clock Cycles, sensuality2005/11/242005-11-24 10:03:27
ere delugeCrisp gorgeousness and easy bliss do not shuffle up feelings with weather. Welcome him, finagle …hope, musing, seduction2005/11/182005-11-18 17:50:01
CIRCADIAN CLOCK NO.6 –– peregrina, variation 1 (still roving)suggestive photo of a moth on tree trunks in Bagalkot, India  from The Master Circadian Clock Cycles 1-8 Pergola on fire; the reminiscent coalesces with …language, love, Master Circadian Clock Cycles, myth2005/11/112005-11-11 16:27:02
CIRCADIAN CLOCK NO.7 –– the rope of fate (burn it down)by Giafrom The Master Circadian Clock Cycles 1-8 Interbred, interspersed, and denied– the Valkyrie children go …love, Master Circadian Clock Cycles, myth2005/11/072005-11-07 13:41:06
awaiting sleep (mania)Preening madonnas catapult themselves through streets of mind, in purple pumps, flashing gold fireworks sidewalk …darkness, musing2005/10/112005-10-11 02:44:07
he never learned how to be lovedpoem I in The Chelsea Chronicles He is no child and yet spring flows so …artist, bemused, The Chelsea Chronicles2005/10/072005-10-07 20:00:00
the melancholy of replacementpoem III of The Chelsea Chronicles Petulant epigraphs sign themselves away to hell, to devil’s not …absurdist, artist, hope, jazz, The Chelsea Chronicles2005/09/272005-09-27 17:04:16
memorizing the chelseaChelsea Hotelpoem IV. in The Chelsea Chronicles I sit at coiled desks of copper, with a …avant garde, bemused, musing, The Chelsea Chronicles2005/09/252005-09-25 18:34:00
the threat of happinessGia by Tom Clark Photographypoem V. in The Chelsea Chronicles She’s placidly slipping down from ecstatic pockets into the …avant garde, hope, love, The Chelsea Chronicles2005/09/202005-09-20 18:48:59
the last cigarette before meeting roccopoem VI in The Chelsea Chronicles He’s laden with pause, can’t come out, won’t stay …artist, disenchantment, social, The Chelsea Chronicles2005/09/182005-09-18 16:56:37
awareness as a courtesyawareness as a courtesyNighttime muses caress breezy shoulders careening over little known instincts. For bliss, for virtue, for …musing, social2005/09/012005-09-01 19:20:47
futility dangerousAs the cream on the cup is, most accurately, the jazz you always feared. Whatever …absurdist, bemused, disenchantment2005/05/292005-05-29 19:24:36
deathwishSupple madness professes its sinful love for solitude by plucking its dream hairs off, one …bemused, love2005/01/292005-01-29 19:21:30
Fantasies ChartedWe named our anthill The Plymouth, with a peculiar closed-captioning for shorter people (and those …bhakti, favorites, hope, light, love2005/01/082005-01-08 02:34:00
scintillating drunkardsscintillating drunkards, a poemMy New Year’s Eve said to me: “You are a stoic woman.” attended the opera …bemused, disenchantment, social2005/01/012005-01-01 01:01:40
new year’s eve, a poemNew Year's Eve poemOpening the light lets the window in to straddle the night, making a bridge from …musing2004/12/312004-12-31 09:26:13
mutual musesPainting by Randall Paul O'Rourke  Wrapped in outdated expectations. The aftershock of having let someone crawl up Inside your …artist, disenchantment, musing, social2004/12/212004-12-21 07:00:24
last resorts"Last Resorts" a poemIn seasons we are, little but ourselves straining our strangers through mirrors, and emerging again, …artist, favorites, musing, sensuality2004/12/032004-12-03 21:25:00
the arbor hollowsPhotograph by Mike GutkinSo what, leaves scurry across Madison Square Park’s stoned paths. Unbending characters as they fall …bemused, disenchantment, nature, social2004/11/092004-11-09 18:30:00
timeless dissent

Sanity cannot have meaning       not as subject, nor as experience. Insanity, at least, secured better …musing, social2004/10/262004-10-26 17:32:00
the mirror collapses in on itselfPinned ButterflyBarren tresses confuse the bathroom tiles, which are unfortunately already pink. Unrecognizable yesterdays locked into …bemused, darkness, disenchantment2004/09/302004-09-30 19:27:00
gestationSweetened lightning leaves streaks           Of your essence on my skin. Paper memories leave us behind, …love, museless, myth2004/09/192004-09-19 06:44:23
the dubious artistThe hesitance won’t stop my lumps from becoming horns. With horns, my third eye gets …artist, jazz, musing2004/09/052004-09-05 18:35:00
TITLEDFortuitous berries stain our mouths furry with Rorschach patterns, behavior fitting for hedonist artists, derisory …artist, dreams, hope, love2004/08/202004-08-20 20:22:00
StreamingA ludicrous contraction of absolute infinite lovemaking need teethes at bloody trying pulsations, but man …absurdist, language, musing2004/08/182004-08-18 23:47:51
a chaos of forgettingby Susan BeeForcing you onto me will not a child make. Forgetting nothing about the foraging nights, …darkness, disenchantment, dreams2004/08/172004-08-17 20:44:00
West 75th Street1 romeo and juliet Eyes eyeball paths Into crosses of Sidewalk mayhem. 2 sentimental foes …haiku, musing, social2004/08/172004-08-17 20:40:00
Gereghty #4Deep pockets of secret refuse the game, despite premonitions of their likely involvement. A procession …musing, myth, social2004/08/082004-08-08 20:43:57
RewindThe tide has changed the color of my sleeves! Are you familiar with merry-go-rounds? Neither …bhakti, favorites, hope, love, musing2004/08/022004-08-02 20:36:00
unbridledPainting by Maya YonikaA beautiful mother goblin wants to eat my insides from without to get within my …bemused, dreams, musing2004/07/102004-07-10 06:05:00
DelusionMoats of grilled octopus and eel fill my dreams. Meat mattresses and Grecian stalks of …dreams, musing2004/06/272004-06-27 20:00:00
jugular transcendentBunny Trashcan - MumbaiTumultuous tar pits ease themselves into the disguise formerly known as “your anus.” Do not …absurdist, love, musing2004/05/202004-05-20 06:54:00
A.M. FreestyleImages, dreams, wants, needs, wishes, scents of coffee and apples and nuts. Felines stacked on …bemused, musing2004/05/052004-05-05 19:34:00
dinner dateCouple talking over drinksHomemade juxtaposition sauce with sizzling sirloin lizards on a side of soft shell spankings. Roast …absurdist, jazz, language, love2004/04/022004-04-02 19:44:53
spiritsShadows Meet in IndiaWe have lived and loved from the privacy of our reserve,         …bhakti, light, love, myth2003/12/292003-12-29 18:45:00
Soul Fluidby Anderson J. GonzalezI wake up to you, my everymorning brew, the image of your heated arms. I …bhakti, favorites, love, sensuality2003/10/242003-10-24 00:34:27
the elixirpainting by Randall Paul O'RourkeWinding nights of life infuse our burgeoning blood with confounded needs and unfounded insecurities. A …favorites, jazz, kama, love, sensuality2003/06/192003-06-19 14:01:28
YouYou speak in euphemisms of your own making, rattling off sycophantic truths in tongues and …kama, seduction, sensuality2003/05/152003-05-15 21:57:00
meditation on a brazil nutTom Clark PhotographyThe starkness of a chestnut glazed table willing to stare back at me with a …darkness, disenchantment, musing2003/02/252003-02-25 21:51:00

faces in wood grainStubborn orifices of steel block my vision. I am tapped; though malignantly, not dripping. Cosmic …bemused, darkness2003/02/242003-02-24 16:33:00
love in eight stanzasa love poemI. We have each traded ourselves in for the other. Seeming to fulfill the dense …hope, love2002/12/292002-12-29 05:15:00
throbIn our decadent cradle of human entwinement, I find my release from worldly things. Your …favorites, kama, love, sensuality2002/11/062002-11-06 23:22:00
BarflyMonday night, the demons again take holda’ The well-meaning shell of a disheartened guru might. …artist, darkness, musing, social, sonnet2002/09/072002-09-07 23:20:00
el cieloThe kingdom divinely promised, centuries before my conception, for twenty-two years, appeared only as a …love, sensuality, travel2002/06/102002-06-10 23:12:00
lagosGolden serpents reflect clouded aspirations and dilute enlightenment into dust. Unicorns on tap, degenerate horns …jazz, language, musing, travel2002/06/062002-06-06 20:00:00
cortexReptilian curvatures sculpt the mindscape, bare of marrow, meaty in flesh. Such sinew carves bold …disenchantment, language, musing2002/04/142002-04-14 22:50:00
salvadorFantasies of those lips, the mouth of that Bedeviled Creature, have sustained my cravings since …kama, love, museless, myth2002/02/162002-02-16 22:33:00
the human distemperWinding granite stairwells pursue visions of medieval beauty, compressed by pulsing crimson walls and the …darkness, kama2001/02/182001-02-18 22:14:00
façadeGia by Anderson j. GonzalezSlowly and deliberately Passes my tongue over your psyche. Across bridged minds Lust may swiftly …favorites, kama, love, seduction, sensuality2000/12/192000-12-19 19:00:42
LinguistManipulate me with subtle language. Embrace it, divulging the prosaic lie Lingering on the salty …language, love, sensuality, sonnet2000/11/032000-11-03 21:00:00
beguiling the richScreeching Beatniks tumble from the sky as tornadoed follicles shoot upward, strangling pouty goose flyers. …absurdist, avant garde, bemused2000/05/302000-05-30 20:43:00

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