Gia Lisa Krahne


A voice once told me of my beloved. It told me my final path was through relationship, that transcendence or peril would be mine through some Other. This declaration of coming union sent me nearly mad! Propelled by flame and disbelief, I barreled back into the fountain of prophecy. All the while remembering that from my mother’s womb there dawned[…]

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“PEREGRINA (THE ROVER)” CIRCADIAN CLOCK NO.3  from The Master Circadian Clock Cycles 1-8   she keeps choosing the lot of them who stretch carried-over torment thin across her nipples taut like insipid lust, their pain. the lovers who would be, yet never will lie with she drift sideways before eyes, a stream of misbegotten waifs, once men, now geminis. if[…]

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Gia by Anderson j. Gonzalez


Slowly and deliberately Passes my tongue over your psyche. Across bridged minds Lust may swiftly pass. Sneaking devil grins and blushing blunders Purports the cages of formality To fade. What magnificent actors! We liars accepting passionless blows. Building careful yellow castles Encrusted with self-made mendacity. I am begging: beware. Low tide is forever a mere transience. An incessant oscillation, Incapable[…]

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painting by Randall Paul O'Rourke

the elixir

Winding nights of life infuse our burgeoning blood with confounded needs and unfounded insecurities. A neat titration yesterday, dripping sapphire desire into fidele base. Tonight magenta clouds bubble through my cylinder, begging for mutation, for your beaker of molten jazz to saturate, adulterate, reiterate our implicit bondage.   June 2003   Painting by Randall Paul O’Rourke  

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