Golden serpents reflect clouded aspirations and dilute enlightenment into dust. Unicorns on tap, degenerate horns the same. Duality collides in foam, and crystal line faithfully follows.                    Red, green, white, brown,                    color without ground. Gold label wishes spawn corporal delight. I sip, I think. Tequila drains and I sink under watchful[…]

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painting by Randall Paul O'Rourke

the elixir

Winding nights of life infuse our burgeoning blood with confounded needs and unfounded insecurities. A neat titration yesterday, dripping sapphire desire into fidele base. Tonight magenta clouds bubble through my cylinder, begging for mutation, for your beaker of molten jazz to saturate, adulterate, reiterate our implicit bondage.   June 2003   Painting by Randall Paul O’Rourke  

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