Gia Lisa Krahne


A voice once told me of my beloved. It told me my final path was through relationship, that transcendence or peril would be mine through some Other. This declaration of coming union sent me nearly mad! Propelled by flame and disbelief, I barreled back into the fountain of prophecy. All the while remembering that from my mother’s womb there dawned[…]

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Gia by Tom Clark Photography

The Threat of Happiness

She’s placidly slipping down from ecstatic pockets into the calm understatement of bliss. Which rides its own horse- the threat of happiness. Sinister treads the heartbeat, regular and full-fledged. Then your porcupine smile replaces her with heart, reduces ego to mud; and life filters through blood. The little and mister devilish masters conciliation of the spiciest recanters, then smears monkey[…]

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If you were a stray dog, I’d be your home. But you have a home. So I can only feed you from time-to-time with my affection. You seem to be hungry. But you’re well kept, clearly unneutered, and smell really quite wonderful. But where is your collar? Where are your tags? You come to me with leash in mouth, not[…]

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