Photograph by Mike Gutkin

The Arbor Hollows

So what, leaves scurry across Madison Square Park’s stoned paths. Unbending characters as they fall through the air. Too dead already to leave a cicatrice upon their wombs, They find themselves again alive in the afterlife Giving voice to loneliness. And the wind itself, which kindly aborts leaves Before their deciduous infects the trees, Maintaining its cyclic taunting, As does[…]

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“PEREGRINA (THE ROVER)” CIRCADIAN CLOCK NO.3  from The Master Circadian Clock Cycles 1-8   she keeps choosing the lot of them who stretch carried-over torment thin across her nipples taut like insipid lust, their pain. the lovers who would be, yet never will lie with she drift sideways before eyes, a stream of misbegotten waifs, once men, now geminis. if[…]

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